Vienna Design Week Embassy

Vienna Design Week Embassy by White Elephant

The Vienna Design Week Embassy 2012 by White Elephant Design Lab is an oversized, interactive musical instrument that makes use of the sound capabilities of 14 austrian contemporary design products. I developed a polyrhythmical composition showcasing the sonic possibilites of the table. Watch the video above to check it out!

The objects range from experimental projects to industrial design and include works by Mark Braun, breadedEscalope, Marco Dessí, Patrycja Domanska & Felix Gieselmann, feinedinge / Sandra Haischberger, George Wanker Industrial Design, Kiska / Marc Ischepp, March Gut, mischer'traxler, Robert Rüf, Vandasye, White Elephant and Sebastian Zachl & Clemens Hanserl.

Design: White Elephant Design Lab. Technical Development and Programming: Jona Hoier. Composition: Richard Eigner.

»Designed by White Elephant, with electronics and programming by Jona Hoier and composition by Richard Eigner, the Vienna Design Week exhibition was a big, interactive musical instrument that 'played' each object on display. As you can see in the image above, each object was connected to a small, solid wooden ball that tapped against the object's surface and transmitted the sound to a small keyboard embedded into the platform. Each object was assigned a certain key and visitors were invited to play the exhibition and engage with lamps, chairs and teapots in a completely new way. Never before have I seen a design exhibition that makes use of the aural properties of its products. The result was not only an intriguing concept but an elegant solution to the problem of unifying works by fourteen different designers.« Perinn Drumm (core77)