Elfriede Jelinek - Macht Nichts. Eine kleine Trilogie des Todes

in einer audiovisuellen Interpretation von {Ritornell, Mimu & sofa23}

Thanks to Departure we had the chance to work on an audiovisual interpretation of Elfriede Jelinek's book »Macht nichts. Eine kleine Trilogie des Todes«. While Mimu, Gerhard Daurer & Jona Hoier were responsible for the visual part, my task was to design multilayered soundscapes that underline the narration. Our visual and sonic explorations are available as a full length DVD distributed by Hoanzl. To enhance the viewer's immersion in the plot's proceedings, I've developed a Dolby Surround 5.1 version of the music with my dear colleague Sam Irl.

Die Erlkönigin (Excerpt)

Der Tod und das Mädchen (Excerpt)

Der Wanderer (Excerpt)